Thursday, 28 May 2009

Exam and stress

Stress levels goes higher than usual when exam comes. Positive stress gives a good performance in the exams. Otherwise the students feel anxiety and stress. Be positive and be calm about the exams. When you go exam make sure that you have taken all the items which is needed for exam, eg, hall ticiket, pen, etc,.Have sound sleep in the last night to the exam. When you go exam have breakfast eventhough you are not having hungry. Because brain needs energy.

Plan well about your exams and make a diary. Note down the lessons which you have completed and ensure how many lessons you have to prepare.Reading and writing important points help in the last minute. There is nothing to useless worry if you have studied all the topics from the syllabus. Imagine that you are happy about the exam. Visualize that you are going exam with the most felicitious feeling. This visualization comes true and you can handle the exam without stress.


In human's life, Adolescent is a stage where the mental and physical developments occur. Rapid physical and emotional changes make the person to get an intensified expectations from the family and society. In this period the young person must move from dependance to independance and trying to stand alone. The onset of Adolesence is puberty and although the age at which children can reach puberty varies, it is on average 12 years for and 14 years for boys. It generally lasts berween 2 to 4 years.